Baby Girl Nursery Tour & Organization


Nursery tour is finally here!

We decided on a simple, girly style with boho decor touches. Admittedly, I’m better at organizing than I am at decorating, so I will also share how I organized everything around her room, including her closet!

Hopefully it gives you some inspiration if you are looking to get your baby’s nursery decorated or more organized! I hope you enjoy!

Main photo.jpg


The color we chose is called Intimate White by Sherwin Williams. It’s a very soft, cool-toned pink. We love how pretty and girly it is! I initially wanted simple white walls, but my husband convinced me to embrace having a girl and go full on pink! I’m so glad we did! I also wanted  (& still want) a pretty accent wall with some wallpaper, but it just never happened. Maybe someday!

Now onto all the decor! Just a heads up, I got some things at Homegoods, so unfortunately I can’t link those items for you guys.


The dresser, changing pad and crib are all a matching set from Rooms2Go.

Diaper Pail - Munchkin.

The photowall frames are a set from Amazon. (Yep, I still haven’t put a photo in that right frame. Just keepin’ it real y’all.)

The faux fur rug is from Homegoods. Ikea has one too!

I like to keep the top of the dresser as clear as possible. It’s such an easy place for clutter to stack up! The only two things I keep on there are a rack for her bows (link to one similar) and a plant pot (from Homegoods) that I home diaper cream, hairbrush, and lotion for easy access during changes.


Drawer Organization

Drawer organizers are here on Amazon; they are also at Ikea where you can get them a few dollars cheaper.

Top left- pants, shorts leggings
Top right- diapers, wipes, changing pad liner
Middle left- pajamas & onesie
Middle- Shirts & top
Middle right- headbands & bows (don’t judge me y’all, I have too many)
Bottom left- extra diapers & wipes, diaper pail bag
Both right- changing pad covers & crib sheets


Play Area & Tepee

The tepee is from Cozy Culture. Evelyn LOVES it! And it’s my favorite part of the entire room; we all spend so much time in it! It’s so cute watching her peep her head through the little window. My husband is also known to take the occasional nap in it (okay fine, I’m guilty too)

The white & grey rug is from Amazon.

The basket with her stuffed animals & the macrame on the wall are both from HomeGoods.


Play Area continued

Our alphabet wall hanging is the #1 thing I get asked about. It was a sweet gift from my talented mother-in-law, she made it herself! If you want to make one, I would suggest finding some alphabet fabric (check craft stores), sewing it over a wooden dowel, then hanging it with command hooks.

The mobile is also handmade… by me! I wanted one with moons and couldn’t find one I liked so I made it myself! If you want one, email me and I can definitely make one for you :-) 

The woven basket next to the crib is a home for extra blankets. “The sweet baby girl” wall hanging is from HomeGoods.  We also have blackout blinds on both windows (total must have in my opinion!)

And our baby monitor is Motorola.


Rocking Lamb

The rocking lamb is another one of my favorite parts of the entire room. Evelyn loves riding it (& letting all of her stuffed animals ride it!) It was gift from Evelyn’s great-grandmother; it is so special to us! The brand is called Rockabye.

Sitting Area

Our rocking chair is from Amazon. It’s honestly not my favorite, and I actually ordered it by accident! It literally showed up at our front door and we checked our recent orders and there it was! I must have clicked order by mistake while browsing. (late night Amazon scrolling is BAD y’all!) So we kinda just left it, and I wish I go back and return it and buy one that better fits the style of the room.  However, we can’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on another one just for aesthetic purposes, so WE GOOD.  I also want to get a pouf/ottoman for a foot rest but haven’t found one I like yet. 

This woven basket from Homegoods holds more blankets & swaddles.

The side table is from Walmart.

The grey rug is from Ikea.

The bookshelf is Amazon. On top of it, I’ve styled a few of my favorite Moby baby wraps. Oh, and these books are usually all over the floor, but she’s learning how to put them back, it’s a slow process!

These simple white shelves are from Ikea. I’ve styled some special keepsakes on them, all of which were gifts, so unfortunately I don’t have links for where they are from.  I love personalizing a room with unique, sentimental pieces!

Nursery Door & Entryway

My diaper bag usually hangs on the back of the door (& my husband always takes it off because it annoys him)

The accordion rack is only $6 on Amazon! I love putting random pretty things on it that make me smile :-) This dress she wore for her first birthday, and the sweet little bag was a gift from my aunt.

My husband got her height chart off Facebook Marketplace. They have a ton of similar ones you can customize on Etsy.

Under the height chart, I’ve thrown another bin from Homegoods that we use Evelyn’s laundry basket. I like that it has handles so it’s easy to carry around.

Closet Organization

As you can probably tell, I’m really into organizing. I want it to look cute yeah, but functionality is more important to me so it’s easy to keep things tidy. My mantra is to make sure to have a place for absolutely everything, and then to label it all so other people know where to find things/put them away.

Inexpensive Custom Shelving

The closet shelves are “custom.” I actually just bought three inexpensive bookcases that fit perfectly inside. (Make sure to secure them tightly to the wall with brackets.) Here are the 3 exact ones I bought from Walmart: Tall oneShort one

In the unit left side, I’ve organized her shoes, a few extra diaper bags, & some extra blankets.

The middle section has six baskets from Ikea. I made the labels myself with my label maker. Here is how they are organized:
Top left- extra bibs & washcloths
Top right- bathing suits
Middle left- clothes/shoes she doesn’t fit in yet
Middle right- jackets/cardigans
Bottom two- shoes and clothes she’s outgrown - I messily throw things in them as she outgrows them, and then every few months I organize them all in to the bigger bins up top. More on those in a minute.

The white bins on the right side of the closet are actually the same drawer dividers from her drawers. There are some more blankets, extra diapers, and then honestly just a bunch of random stuff that’s not really organized. I think it’s important to have a basket (or three) like this in every room where you can just throw stuff that doesn’t really have a way of being categorized.

Top of the closet

The bins at the top left are all clothes Evelyn has outgrown that we are saving for future babies! I have them organized by size and labelled with my label maker. These bins are these from Walmart.

The bag on the middle of the top shelf are extra toys that I rotate through. MOM PRO TIP: I only keep a handful of toys out in the house at a time, and I rotate through them every few weeks. Evelyn thinks she’s getting new toys and doesn’t even notice! It keeps things MUCH more manageable around the house because it’s less toys to put away (or step on) each day.

The bins on the top right are where I keep things from when she was a baby that we don’t use anymore that I want to save for future babies. Things like carseat covers, baby wraps, boppy covers… things like that. Instead of having all of that stuff randomly around the house, I decided to dedicate a space for it. (The bins are SUPER old from my room as a teenager so I can’t link them)

& That’s it you guys!! I hope you enjoyed and found this helpful!