Top 3 Baby Must Haves That Make Mom Life way Easier

We all know by now how difficult it is with a baby at home during that first year. So I wanted to share these three bigger baby items that have been TOTAL game changers for me in my first year as a mom. I’m talking some SERIOUS convenience, versatility & functionality here. Buying one of these saves you buying at least 2 other items separately. I highly recommend registering for 3 items like these. And if you end up not getting them as gifts, then I’d also consider using that registry discount to invest in them yourself, because I promise they are worth every single penny. Here’s more info on how they’ve helped us:

Born Free Nisa Playard

This playard by Born Free is SO CLUTCH you guys. Once baby started moving around it was game over for me, until we got this playard to contain her. I love how it looks so simple & sleek, while still being VERY versatile. We use it multiple times every single day. We obviously use it indoors, but it also comes with a removable mesh top so we can take it outside in the yard & to the beach! And it all folds up into a carrying case, so we bring it with us when we travel, and it’s incredibly lightweight (like, you’ll be shocked how light it is). Oh and baby also sleeps in it if we need her to, so it saves us also bringing a packnplay. I honestly can’t recommend this playard enough, it’s been a total game changer for us.


If you’re anything like me & researching the crap out of baby carriers to find the best one (& tried a ton too & returned them!) then I promise you’ll love this one by Moby. It has a really cool hip seat that supports baby, so the carrier does NOT hurt your back, even after hours of carrying. You can use the hip seat on its own, or it’s part of the carrier, so you can wear baby so many different ways. You can use it from 12lbs all the way up to toddler. And another great part is that it works great for both mom & dad, so we don’t have to have separate carriers.


I highly recommend getting a travel system for your carseat & stroller so it grows with you from newborn to toddler. Lots of brands do them. We use the Booklet 50 by Peg Perego & love it. It costs a pretty penny, but all strollers are an investment anyways, & this one is more than worth the extra few bucks for it’s quality & versatility. We started with the same system by Chicco Bravo, which is a couple hundred dollars cheaper, but the quality just doesn’t compare. The stroller is narrow, smooth riding, & has all the features you need (except a cup holder). The carseat is really cute & comfortable for baby. Oh, and did I mention it’s all ROSE GOLD!


This post is sponsored by Born Free. As always, all opinions are my own!

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