Valentines Day Gift Ideas - For Him & Her!

Here are some gift ideas to get your loved one (or yourself!) on Valentine’s Day. These are thoughtful gift ideas that both him AND her will enjoy!

Moon Necklace/Keychain

For men or women, you can never go wrong with giving jewelry on Valentines Day. Make it really meaningful with a custom piece that features the phase of the moon from a special date in your relationship - such as an anniversary, birth of a child, etc.

**Bonus points if your last name is MOON hehe :-)

For her, this gorgeous locket comes in stainless steel, gold & rose gold.

For him, you can get your moon phase on this beautiful keychain.

Cork Globe

If you love to travel together, this cork globe is a perfect gift! Give it to your spouse/partner on Valentine’s Day & spend some time that evening pinning all the places you’ve been in one color, & places you want to go in another color. It’s a special gift that they will adore, & you’ll both be able to enjoy for years to come. 


Wine-Lovers Gift Basket

I designed this gift basket myself, full of little goodies any wine-lover is sure to enjoy. You can customize it to match their preferences and/or to meet your budget. My basket shown here includes a monogrammed wine stopper, aerator, electric bottle opener &, of course, my husband’s favorite bottle of wine. Some ideas of other things you can add are chocolates, cheese & crackers, or a nice smelling candle. And this monogrammed wine glass would also be a cool addition!


If you’re looking for a more classic Valentine’s Day gift, look no further than a gorgeous watch. I love the style variety at Abbott Lyon, plus their quality is amazing & their prices are still affordable.

Check out their selection of watches for him & for her

“What I Love About Us” Book

These little books are always a total hit. They’re very thought provoking to fill out & it’s fun to let your personality shine through in your answers.. you can make it as lovey-dovey, sassy or frisky as you please!  I gave one of these to my husband a few years ago & we have good laugh each year when we read through it again.

(Note: I don’t think this is a good gift idea for someone you’ve only been seeing for a short time, as there are 50 pages of answers to fill out and you might struggle to come up with enough to fill it up!)