DIY Photo Collage for Mother's Day


Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mamas out there! 

I’ve partnered with Polaroid today to share this fun little Mother’s Day DIY! It’s super easy - I simply arranged little photos of my daughter into a heart shape and put them in a frame. There are a ton of different creative ways to make it your own! And if your kids are old enough, you can make it a fun family project!

I hope it inspires you to do a fun little project for Mother’s Day! If you try it, I’d love to see how it comes out! 

Gather Your Supplies

You’ll need: Photos; Background (paper, canvas, etc.); Frame (optional)

Firstly, decide how you want to print your photos. I’m printing them myself & featuring the Polaroid Mint instant digital pocket printer! If you don’t have a portable printer, you can print them on your home printer, or order them online!

Then choose what to use to display them. I chose to use an unused 16x22in frame I had lying around. Then for the background, I decided to just use the back of the print that came in the frame. Some other fun ideas are a blank canvas, a piece of wood, or a cork board!


Plan Out Your Design

If you’re printing at home, arrange your photo paper onto your background into the exact shape you want, that way you know exactly how many photos to print. (TIP- snap a quick photo of it so you can reassemble the exact shape later!) I chose a heart shape, but if you’re doing it with your kids you can simply do a circle or a square, or even a fun shape like a butterfly! 

If you’re ordering your photos, skip this step for now & do it later once you have your photos. (Assume you’ll need 24-30 photos if you’re doing a similar shape to mine - which used twenty-four 2x3in. photos.)


Choose Your Photos!

I created a specific album on my phone, then started scrolling, saving my favorites into the album along the way. After I finished, I had saved over 60 photos, but I only needed 24, so I went back to the album and narrowed it down to 30, so I had extra just in case I needed them.

This was the best part of the entire project, I loved reminiscing over all my old photos with my husband!


Print Your Photos!

I printed my photos straight from my phone on the Polaroid Mint instant pocket printer using their iPhone app (don’t worry, they also have one for Android users, too!). It was seriously so easy! The printer is smaller than my actual phone and it’s so portable, it’s really cool!

If you’re ordering your prints, make sure to order extra, just in case! They are only a few cents each, and you can give away the extras to family & friends! :-)

Assemble Your Collage

I referred back to the photo I took of my original design, and then simply stuck the photos onto my background! The Polaroid photo paper has a sticky back and makes it really easy! You can also use tape if your photos don’t have the sticky back.

I also wrote the date on the back of my collage, so we will always remember when it was made!


I just love how it looks in my home. It’s such a special keepsake.

Thank you to Polaroid for collaborating with me on this Mother’s Day DIY! If you’d like to see more of their projects, check out their blog here.


Valentines Day Gift Ideas - For Him & Her!

Here are some gift ideas to get your loved one (or yourself!) on Valentine’s Day. These are thoughtful gift ideas that both him AND her will enjoy!

Moon Necklace/Keychain

For men or women, you can never go wrong with giving jewelry on Valentines Day. Make it really meaningful with a custom piece that features the phase of the moon from a special date in your relationship - such as an anniversary, birth of a child, etc.

**Bonus points if your last name is MOON hehe :-)

For her, this gorgeous locket comes in stainless steel, gold & rose gold.

For him, you can get your moon phase on this beautiful keychain.

Cork Globe

If you love to travel together, this cork globe is a perfect gift! Give it to your spouse/partner on Valentine’s Day & spend some time that evening pinning all the places you’ve been in one color, & places you want to go in another color. It’s a special gift that they will adore, & you’ll both be able to enjoy for years to come. 


Wine-Lovers Gift Basket

I designed this gift basket myself, full of little goodies any wine-lover is sure to enjoy. You can customize it to match their preferences and/or to meet your budget. My basket shown here includes a monogrammed wine stopper, aerator, electric bottle opener &, of course, my husband’s favorite bottle of wine. Some ideas of other things you can add are chocolates, cheese & crackers, or a nice smelling candle. And this monogrammed wine glass would also be a cool addition!


If you’re looking for a more classic Valentine’s Day gift, look no further than a gorgeous watch. I love the style variety at Abbott Lyon, plus their quality is amazing & their prices are still affordable.

Check out their selection of watches for him & for her

“What I Love About Us” Book

These little books are always a total hit. They’re very thought provoking to fill out & it’s fun to let your personality shine through in your answers.. you can make it as lovey-dovey, sassy or frisky as you please!  I gave one of these to my husband a few years ago & we have good laugh each year when we read through it again.

(Note: I don’t think this is a good gift idea for someone you’ve only been seeing for a short time, as there are 50 pages of answers to fill out and you might struggle to come up with enough to fill it up!)