Easy Homemade Iced Coffee

I have been on the hunt for the perfect homemade iced coffee recipe for years. I wish it was as easy as chucking ice into a glass of hot coffee (but let’s be honest & admit we’ve all learned that lesson the hard way.)

Cold-brewed coffee in your french press is the way to go. It’s cheap & easy & super yummy! I make a big pitcher on Sunday & keep it in my fridge for the week.

I have been testing & experimenting with this recipe for years! I will share my process & along the way I’ll also share how you can customize it to meet your ideal coffee preferences!

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What you’ll need:

  • Ground coffee beans - I get Starbucks ground coffee at my local grocery store. I’ve tested dozens of brands & blends over the years, there are lots of good ones. You can get whatever you want here just make sure it’s ground coffee & not whole coffee beans (I’ve made that mistake many times!)

    **You can buy whole coffee beans if you do want to grind them yourself! Your coffee will have even more flavor & taste even better this way!

  • French Press - I bought mine on Amazon (exact one here), but you can also find them at the grocery store in the coffee section or at stores like Walmart/Target. (Mine makes 4 cups max, so get a bigger one if you want to double or triple this recipe to make bigger batches)

  • Water

  • Milk of choice (I typically use either almond or 2%)

  • Sugar and/or creamer if you prefer it sweeter

  • Pitcher

Here are the steps:


Step 1:

Add 1/2 cup of coffee grinds & 4 cups of water into the french press & give it a good stir. Some coffee will float to the top, & that’s fine, just make sure to stir it & get all the coffee wet.


Step 2:

Cover with some plastic wrap & pop it in the fridge. Let it sit for 24 hours

(You can experiment with letting it sit for shorter or longer than 24hrs depending on how strong you like your coffee!)


Step 3:

Remove the french press from the fridge, add the plunger & push down until the coffee grinds are pushed all the way the bottom.


Step 4:

Pour the coffee slowly into your pitcher (try to avoid coffee grinds escaping into the pitcher.)


Step 5:

Grab your glass & fill it about half way with ice (don’t add too much ice because it will water down your coffee way too much & that tastes gross.)

Then add your coffee (about half way up the glass, or higher, depending on how much room you want to leave for milk.)


Step 6:

Add your milk!

I prefer my coffee to taste strong & not overpowered with milk, so I use the proportion of about 70% coffee to 30% milk. If you don’t like to taste as much coffee, do more like 50%-50%. Play around with the proportions until you find what you like!

Also add some sugar or a dash of a flavored creamer if you prefer it sweeter.

You can store the pitcher in the fridge for up to a week! (You can double or triple the recipe to make more if your French Press is large enough)


Play around with the details & proportions to find your perfect iced coffee! Let me know if you try it, & I’d love to hear how you make it your own!

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