Christmas Gift Guide

Gift ideas for everyone on your Christmas list

For The One Who Already Has Everything

When they want something, they buy it (must be nice.) For the person that already has everything they want, get them something sentimental… something that money can’t buy.

These gorgeous necklaces can be customized front & back. Get one made with their name, birthdate, child’s name.. anything! It will be truly special because it’s not something they would buy themselves.

For The Guys In Your Family

This ones a total hit — literally. Buy a NERF gun for each guy in your family & wrap them up separately under the tree. Hand them all out & tell the guys to all open at the same time. Trust me - you’ll want to take cover!

I did this last year for my dad, brother, & husband, & everyone loved it!

For The Fashionista

It’s stylish.. it’s comfy.. it matches absolutely everything.

The fashionista can never have too many scarves… it’s foolproof!

For Your Parents & Grandparents

These custom little books are the perfect thoughtful gift for anyone in your immediate family. It will mean the absolute world to them that you spent the time to fill it out. Plus, they are super fun to go back & read on Christmas days for years to come.

For The One Who Loves Coffee

Male or female, these Yeti mugs are a foolproof gift idea for the coffee-lover in your life. They come in so many great colors & Yeti’s are known for keeping drinks hot/cold for literally hours.

If anyone wants to get me one of these for Christmas, gooo right ahead…

For The One That Loves Pinterest

You honestly can’t go wrong with this beautiful hanging planter - they are super trendy right now. Grab one for your friend that is obsessed with scrolling Pinterest & getting ideas for decorating their home. (Okay so that’s basically every single woman but you get my drift.)

Buy cute little plants/succulents to customize it yourself, or just leave it empty for them to fill how they please!

For Your New Lover

That first Christmas together is terrifying. What on earth do you get them?

I found this awesome little Etsy shop that puts city maps onto wine glasses, whisky glasses, flasks & more. Find out where they were born, or their favorite place to visit, or just somewhere that’s special to them for whatever reason. These are bound to make a loving impression, since they are not only super trendy, but they are thoughtful & practical!

Bonus: it’s also nice to support small shops like this one while during your Christmas shopping!

For The One Whose Dog Is Their Child

I mean, I have a human child too & I’d still wear this hat.

For your BFFs

For practical & trendy (& super affordable) gifts for your BFF’s, buy a pack of glass water bottles & customize them for each of your friends. I kept it simple & just wrapped each with a pretty bow & a cute gift tag. But you can also fill them with something, or even buy custom decals to put on the glass!

For Your Spouse

I don’t know about you other married folks out there, but after several Christmas’ together, gift buying just gets boring & ideas become slim.

These Night Sky Framed Photos are a gorgeous gift idea for your spouse. Customize one of the night sky on your wedding date, & hang it in your home as a beautiful & unique keepsake of that special day.